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A Custom Generator Enclosure Case Study


Our customer is a energy specialist providing complex interconnected energy systems.  As part of an Integrated Energy Performance Contracting (IECP) program for Lakeshoure Health in Oshawa, Ontario, an on-site power plant was engineered to generate electricity for peak-power-offset as well as heat recovery.  The heart of system - two 800Kw generators – each required acoustic treatment.

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Project Challenges

Site Access

The top project constraint was getting the enclosures to each generator that was located deep within the hospital basement.  The only access was an overhead hatch more than 100 feet away requiring each enclosure to fit through a hole a fraction of its assembled size.  Aside from difficult access, significant forced air ventilation, perimeter access, roof access, seismic loading and a sound pressure level (SPL) of  78dB (at 1m) needed to be accounted for.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Project Solution

Modular Design

Our project manager worked closely with the customer to identify and measure all design constraints from site-access to enclosure-penetrations to structural issues.  With this information in mind – as well as the primary design parameters (sound, ventilation, access) - our designer created two site-specific modular enclosures that were completely built, tested for fit, disassembled, and packaged in our shop.  Once on site each enclosure section was carefully reassembled by our field-service crew.

Design details include:

  • A fully modular enclosure
  • Complete 3-D model for base enclosures and site-interferences (gas/electrical feeds)
  • 4.5” HTL acoustic panel selected to achieve SPL of 78dB (at 1m)
  • Removable acoustic plug roof panels for engine removal.
  • Single / double door access provided to all critical components.
  • Air ventilation (20°F differential across the enclosure), without sacrificing acoustic performance.
  • Interior LED lighting.
  • Interior sprinkler system.
  • Pre-finished steel construction for architectural appeal.
  • All materials selected to suit hospital standards.
  • All penetrations field flashed to eliminate all gaps.

Solution 1

Solution 2


A Solution That Works

Aside from successfully addressing the primary design constraints of sound attenuation, ventilation and equipment access, the innovative site-integrated approach used by Parklane delivered a cost-effective, timely solution for a challenging, site-constrainted project.

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Results 3

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