Company History

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Parklane Mechanical Acoustics was founded in 1992 by Greg Downey, a mechanical engineer with ambitions of starting a business that focused solely on building ‘client-driven’ noise and vibration solutions. This meant simplifying what can often be a daunting and unfamiliar process for most facility operators and project stakeholders.

This pursuit began with nothing more than a drafting table and a work bench at his home on Parklane Rd. in Oakville, ON. After small early success, Greg soon took the plunge in establishing the first ever Parklane Headquarters, a 1,500 sqft single unit industrial space.

Greg’s passion for fitting the ‘square peg into a round hole’ continued to persevere, transcending standard industry practice and gaining Parklane the reputation as the go-to provider of fully integrated noise and vibration solutions.

As Parklane approaches its fourth decade of business, our sustained growth is centered around one guiding principle – getting the “Key People in the Key Seats”.  And we do.  We remain in constant pursuit of attracting the industry’s best engineers, project managers, trades people, and overall problem-solvers who value the notion of providing a holistic solution rather than a product.